What Roots & Shoots is all about

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is a programme of the Jane Goodall Institute. The programme is about making positive change happen for people, for animals and for the environment. The Roots & Shoots network connects youths of all ages who share a desire to create a better world, with young people identifying problems in their communities and taking action. Through service projects, youth-led campaigns and an interactive website, Roots & Shoots members are making a difference across the globe.

A Flexible, Fun Programme

With Roots & Shoots, the possibilities areas varied as young people’s imagination! The flexible model lets members customize projects to meet their individual and group needs. Roots & Shoots members take action all over the world, wherever people come together with a common desire to make a difference—in classrooms, home schools, nature centers, neighbourhoods, refugee camps, zoos, scout troops and beyond. This powerful, youth-driven network fosters a fun, flexible and supportive environment where young people and adults alike come together to share ideas and inspiration, implement successful community service projects and participate in special events and global campaigns.

A Powerful Global Network

Roots & Shoots offers a wealth of resourcesand networking opportunities for kids, teens, parents, educators, college students, group leaders and supporters alike. The uniquely designed programme connects people of every age, race, culture, religion or economic background in a vibrant global network and offers opportunities for every individual to:
• Learn about environmental, animal and humanitarian issues affecting our world;
• Share insights, ideas and inspiration for making positive change;
• Grow in ways that enrich lives – as individuals, as members of the local community and as global citizens of our world.

Core Purpose of Roots & Shoots Malaysia

The aim of Roots & Shoots Malaysia is to activate the “seeds of goodness” within young people through programmes centred on animals, the environment and community. Roots & Shoots’ role is to provide the right conditions for the “seed” to grow i.e. sunlight, water soil and nourishment.

In 1977, Goodall established the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), which supports the Gombe research, and she is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. With 26 offices around the world, the JGI is widely recognized for innovative, community-centred conservation and development programmes in Africa. Its global youth programme, Roots & Shoots began in 1991 when a group of 12 local teenagers met with Goodall on her back porch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They were eager to discuss a range of problems they knew about from first-hand experience that caused them deep concern. The Roots & Shoots network has since blossomed into more than 150,000 members in over 130 countries, all working on local and global service projects. Today, Goodall devotes virtually all of her time to advocacy on behalf of chimpanzees and the environment, travelling nearly 300 days a year.